Pollysto The Polyurethane

Mixing ratio ( A: B) component : 10 parts component + 1birimb
Density ( g / ml): 1,50g solution + 0.1
Volume additives (%): 53 + 2
Thinner : Polly thinner
Theoretical spreading rate (m² / kg): 7.07 ( 50mikro the DFIs )
Appearance: Semi gloss
Color: In any color
Application method: Airspray , Airless , roller
Pot life ( 20 ° C) : 1 hour
(50 micron dry film thickness) Touch dry powder dry
5 ° C 40 minutes 80 minutes
15 ° C, 30 min, 60 min
25 ° C 20 min 50 min
35 ° C 15 min 40 min
Full cure: 7 days (20 ° C )
Note: The application should be known that it will increase the thickness of the longer drying time .

Modified two-pack isocyanate hardener and resin curing lithe industrial plants and marine atmospheric conditions resistant to abrasion, scratch and water vapor with high resistance polyurethane coated semi-gloss paint yourself. High adhesive and impact resistant primer that do not require high humidity and moisture in the insulation resistance is on duty.
Metal surfaces must be free from rust and fat blasting done. walls and vertical surfaces to be applied must be dry and clean of dust and grease must be free of foreign substances.
Sea water, wastewater, we rarely acids and bases, salt solutions, fuels, lubricants, resistant to chemicals such as aliphatic hydrocarbons.
Kürelen not material due to the irritant effect of the components of skin and eye contact with soap and water wash ethical severe cases doctor. Wear gloves and goggles during the application absolutely must be installed. curing materials were completely harmless.

For systems that require a few coats , the second coat must not be exceeded up to 48 hours of standby time and should be roughened before applying the floor when the time is exceeded.
In unopened original packaging is 12 months in a cool and dry environment.
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