pollysto Polymer Insulation ( Multi-purpose paint and waterproofing )

Mixing ratio ( A: B) : 5/1 (by weight)
Mixing ratio ( A: B) : 5/1 (by weight)
Density ( at 20C ) : 1.3gr./cm3
A viscosity ( at 23C) : 2500mpas
Pans life (at 23'C ) : 35 + 5 minutes
Environment and Material temperature: min. + 5 ° C
Resistance: (+ 150 ° C ) ( -25 C)
Color: Several RAL . in Colour
Shore A hardness (after 28 days ): 90
Tensile strength ( DIN 53504) : 6-8 N / mm2
Elongation at break ( DIN 53504) : 160%
Curing time: 8-10 hours can be walked on . After 7 days, based on chemicals

POLYSTONE Polyurethane Insulation
2 -component polyurethane -based , solvent-free , colored , fire-resistant , nonflammable, high adhesion, impact resistant, does not require high humidity and moisture resistant primer is a very powerful insulation.
Surface Preparation
pollysto be applied to concrete floors , concrete quality BS 18 type or dosage of 350 minimum and must be at least 3 weeks. the foam layer to the surface by sanding to be removed ; consisting of a layer of dust should be vacuumed off with industrial vacuum cleaner, floor grease, dirt. The tensile strength of the concrete floor must be above + 5 ° C minimum . Soil temperature should be considered to be above + 3 ° C .

chemical resistance
Sea water, waste water , dilute acids and bases, salt solutions, fuels, lubricants, resistant to chemicals such as aliphatic hydrocarbons .
Scope of application
For the insulation of sea vehicles
For reinforcement in concrete work
For the protection of exterior elements
For the insulation of all remaining metal surfaces exposed to corrosion
For swimming pools and water tanks
For terraces, roofs
For tile , ceramic and tile joints
For acidic environment in the preservation of the main floor
Security precautions
components due to the irritating effects of ethical Kürelen not material in contact with skin and eyes, wash with soap and water and see the doctor in a serious condition.
Wear gloves and goggles during the application absolutely must be installed . curing materials were completely harmless.

Attention should it be
For systems that require a few coats , the second coat must not be exceeded up to 48 hours of standby time and should be roughened before applying the floor when the time is exceeded.
In unopened original packaging is 12 months in a cool and dry environment.
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