Polystone Putty

Technical Specs
Density : 1.7 gr./cm²
Consistency : Pasty
Sticking consistency : 2mm Minimum / Maximum 5mm
Living temperature: from 5 ° C up to + 25ºC
Practice time: about 10 minutes
Correction time: About 5 minutes
Living spaces
Sea- in tools
In places -for
-Polistr Hard foam plates ( plates of insulating material made ​​of glass fibers. Geotextile of mineral fibers , rock wool and open-cell polyurethane foam bonding .
-Bina Of wall cracks
-Automotive used in industry.

¨ polyurethane based, two component, pasty filling capacity with high adhesion strength to be applied in thick coats speaks highly protective coating and insulation.
¨ Paste driven plates and sheets just stick requires no additional fixing
¨ There is opportunity to correct the situation within 5 minutes. Plates and sheets is corrected according to the situation.
¨ concrete, steel, minerals in the plaster, gypsum cardboard, which adheres to wood chips and fiber cement plates.
Surface Preparation
Surfaces must be clean, dry, hard and must be free from dust. Enough stability without surface (eg sandy plasters) 1: 1 cellulose thinner thinned pollysto lined with insulation to the lining.
25 kg. a.b.metal bucket / 5 kg / 1kg cans.
Material composition
Polyurethane resin katıklı
-Şerit And point bonding about 600 g / m²
-All Surface bonding in 3.4'6.8 kg / m² up
To 25kg pails. Sticking point in the strip and 22.5m²
2,2''4.4m²'y on the entire surface bonding
All surface bonding
Police have insulation boards to train all of the filming, a trowel pollysto Apply the paste
Sliding shaped strip
pollysto to paste 4mm'dişl to the right and left sides of the plate in the form of a trowel and apply the middle of the strip.
bonding that point
Palm-sized sticking points, drive to the middle and corner of the plate. Push the plate, turn the press and direction.

Dry and cold with no storage is 12 months.
Security Precautions
If your gloves drying on your skin , wash contaminated material during the application servant thinner clean with soap and water . Protect your eyes from splashing hazard. If you enter the splashes in your eyes rinse thoroughly with plenty of water . If a review now seek itching .